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Colorado, 1870-2000 II
by John Fielder, William Henry Jackson. Hardcover.
Carrying on in the tradition of the first coffee-table book in this series, Fielder gives us a modern-day look at William Henry Jackson's historic photo locations. You'll love comparing Jackson's originals to Fielder's photos to see what changes have taken place. There are numerous scenes from cities and towns, as well as a few pristine wilderness photos that give one hope that Colorado will remain a place where we can continue to find solitude and beauty.

Mountain Ranges of Colorado
by John Fielder. Hardcover.
Do you need a wonderful Colorado book for your coffee table? This one fits the bill, from the granite-like front cover to every page within. No one does mountain scenics like John Fielder. He has thoroughly covered every mountain range in the state, and has found magical light in every area of Colorado.

Seeing Colorado's Forests for the Trees
by John Fielder. Hardcover.
This book is a large-format delight for tree-lovers. Our favorites are the aspen, particularly those set in the San Juans. Every season is represented, with fall and winter being especially inviting to the eyes. You can never go wrong with a John Fielder book and this one is no exception.

John Fielder's Best of Colorado
by John Fielder. Paperback.
This book goes everywhere with us! It is a guidebook to his favorite 160 photographic locations in the state. He also tells the best places to stay, eat, and recreate. It's great for planning a trip to a new location, or trying something different in a familiar place. A real winner!

Colorado, 1870-2000
by William Henry Jackson, John Fielder (Photographer). Hardcover.
A coffee table book with historic photos taken by W.H. Jackson and later, John Fielder. Fielder returned to the exact same vantage points whenever he could, to stand in the footsteps of Jackson. He also replicated similar seasons, lighting conditions, and other details as closely as possible. They are presented together to show the changes that have taken place. These are truly stunning works by two masters of their art. This book and all of those in the Colorado Littlebooks series have an honored place on our coffee table.

Colorado's Canyon Country
by Mark Pearson, John Fielder (Photographer). Paperback.
Colorado Autumn
by John Fielder. Hardcover.
Known best for its golden aspen leaves in the fall, Colorado is also home to reds, oranges and all the tones in between. John Fielder captures scenes all around the state during this most beautiful season. A friend gave us this book as a gift and we have treasured it ever since.

Rocky Mountain National Park : A 100 Year Perspective
by Enos Abijah Mills(Photographer), et al. Hardcover.
Fielder calls Enos Mills his mentor. Here are photos from both of them, separated by a hundred years. The photos are stunning eye candy, of course. It's also fascinating to read Fielder's diary in the back of the book. He details the adventures and difficulties encountered as he and his "sherpa" friends reached remote places in the park, accessible only by difficult hiking.

Along Colorado's Continental Divide Trail
by John Fielder(Photographer), et al. Hardcover.
This coffee-table book is an exquisite collection of photos from a 740-mile trek along the Continental Divide Trail. As Fielder says, "I practically wore my Thesaurus out looking for adjectival alternatives–but there are limited synonyms of 'beautiful,' 'splendid' and 'awe-inspiring.' (And this in a state that can use up all the scene-based superlatives the language can muster.)"

So all I can say about this volume is that it's superlative!

Colorado's Continental Divide Trail : The Official Guide
by Tom Lorang Jones, John Fielder (Photographer). Paperback.
Rich in history and ecological niches, the Continental Divide marks the division of the two watersheds of North America. 759 miles of the trail are contained in Colorado. This book splits the trail into 43 segments, with descriptions of each hike, maps, access, and side-hikes that branch off of the main trail. Fielder's photos are interspersed, usually in half-page versions.

A Colorado Winter
by John Fielder(Photographer), et al. Hardcover.
Oh, what exquisite photos! Winter in Colorado means muted sunrises and sunsets, and Fielder captures their pastel tones so well. This book reminds me just exactly why I love snow. Its photogenic qualities are unsurpassed.

Colorado Waterfalls (Colorado Littlebooks)
by John Fielder(Photographer). Hardcover.
Fielder has captured waterfalls to make the spirit soar. Some are the world-class waterfalls for which Colorado has become so famous. Others are smaller falls with lesser volumes of water, yet with the mysterious beauty that only flowing water can exhibit. As with all of the Littlebooks, inspirational nature quotes accompany the photos.

Colorado Reflections (Colorado Littlebooks)
by John Fielder(Photographer). Hardcover.
Nothing says "John Fielder" more than his trademark photos of reflections. He has gone to the utmost of effort to get to the 35 beautiful places in this book. He says, "The sight of a gorgeous peak at sunrise reflected in still waters is just too much beauty to resist. I guess I just like to get two for the price of one!"

Colorado Skies : With Selected Prose & Poetry (Colorado Littlebooks)
by John Fielder(Photographer). Hardcover.
Packed with magnificent sunsets, sunrises, reflections, and of course, breathtaking skies! As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "The sky is the daily bread of the eyes."

Wildflowers of Colorado (Colorado Littlebooks)
by John Fielder(Photographer). Hardcover.
I don't know how he does it over and over again, but here is another of Fielder's spectacular works. How does he manage to get the depth of field just right every time in these photographic masterpieces?

Along the Colorado Trail
by John Fielder(Photographer), et al. Paperback.
From its start in Waterton Canyon south of Denver, to its finish in Durango, the Colorado Trail winds amongst some of the most beautiful peaks in the state. M. John Fayhee gives us his diary of experiences along the entire trail. Photography courtesy of John Fielder. Waterfalls, wildflowers, spectacular reflections, and of course, those mountains!

To Walk in Wilderness : A Rocky Mountain Journal
by John Fielder(Photographer), Thomas A. Barron. Hardcover.
For an entire month, Fielder, Barron, and three llamas walked the trails and untraveled areas of the Maroon Bells/Snowmass Wilderness. This book reveals the results in photographs and prose. A map in the front of the book shows the route, with notations like "Best flowers on the trip" and "Llamas get stuck in snow."

Photographing the Landscape : The Art of Seeing
by John Fielder(Photographer). Paperback.


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