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Colorado Wild: Preserving the Spirit and Beauty of Our Land
by Judith B. Sellers, Willard Clay (Photographer), T.A. Barron. Hardcover.
In this coffee-table book, stunning photographs and exquisite prose take you from the prairie to the Front Range all the way to the mountains and the Colorado Plateau. We have found ourselves poring over this book again and again to soak in the images. Among the most impactful photos are those of the San Juan Range in fall and winter. This is one of the top Colorado photography books we have seen.

14,000 Feet: A Celebration of Colorado's Highest Mountains
by Walter R. Borneman; Todd Caudle
Judge this book by its cover! After viewing the stunning cover photos of Windom and Sunlight peaks in golden light and in black and white, you'll quickly want to open up to the pages, which portray all of the major Colorado mountain ranges. Todd Caudle is no stranger to hard work and long days, as is evident in his talented photography of the highest peaks of our state. The textual information by Walter Borneman is fascinating because he covers historical information and his modern-day adventures climbing the rugged "fourteeners."

Rocky Mountain Elk Portfolio
by Donald M. Jones. Hardcover.
Elk are special favorites of ours especially because of their behaviors during the rut, or mating season. For dynamite photos of elk bulls, cows and calves (their young) in every season, you'll want to spend some time with this visual volume.
Colorado Wildlife Portfolio
by Lee Kline. Hardcover.
Written by a native Coloradan, this is a luscious coffee-table book chock full of wildlife of all kinds. From the very small pika to the huge Shiras moose, Lee Kline deftly presents his photographs, each with an interesting sidebar that makes a story. Very wonderful to peruse!
Rocky Mountain National Park Impressions
by Glenn Randall. Paperback.
We would definitely call this a fine-art book, because the photos have that quality about them. Glenn Randall knows how to use light to his advantage in one of our nations premier national parks, Rocky Mountain National Park. His snow scenes especially impress, but all of the seasons shine.
Colorado Impressions
by Eric Wunrow. Paperback.
Scenery isn't just limited to the standard landscapes in this book. Cityscapes, historic buildings, and more modern structures all come alive in Wunrow's photography. The lovely mountain, lake, and more untouched visions of the state are lovely, of course, as well.
Our Colorado
by J. C. Leacock. Hardcover.
When this book arrived, we oooo'ed and aaaaah'ed over it. It was so enjoyable to see a fresh perspective on some of the classic Colorado vistas that we have photographed ourselves. There is great variety in the book's photos, covering cityscapes, Colorado people, and wildlife. You will love the saturated colors of this eye-pleasing collection by one of the nation's top ten landscape photographers.
Colorado Close-up
by J. C. Leacock, and Beasley Conger, Jr. Paperback.
We tend to look at the grand vistas in this state of ours. Now it's time to have a look at the smaller details--the flowers, the grasses, the leaves, and more. Accompanying the exquisite photos of J.C. Leacock are the thoughtful writings of Conger Beasley, Jr. The small square-format book is organized by zones (plains, foothills, montane, subalpine, alpine, and desert). It makes a fine addition to any Coloradoan's library.
Rocky Mountains: Wilderness Reflections
by Tim Fitzharris. Paperback.
Covering the entire Rocky Mountain region from Canada to New Mexico, this luscious volume is a feast for the eyes. We especially enjoyed the section on the Southern Rockies, which includes our state of Colorado. The reflection images are sublime. Since wildlife is a particular love of ours, we were drawn to the photos of bighorn sheep, beaver, pika, and the many birds. Fitzharris has really captured Colorado well!

Rocky Mountain National Park: A Year in Pictures
by David Dahms. Hardcover (2003)

Of all the national parks, Rocky Mountain National Park is our favorite to visit in every season of the year. This book really portrays this accessibility and the variety of wildlife found in the park. It takes you fromTrail Ridge Road in the summer to plentiful aspen foliage in fall, on through a snowy winter at Bear Lake and spring's glorious wildflowers. The photos are top-notch, a feast for the eyes.

Always Colorado
by John Sheppard. Paperback.
After reading about Sheppard's photography, we just had to see his book. It is everything we had hoped for. In brilliant, glossy color, the photos leap off the large pages. There are scenics, sports photos, wildlife, and people-in-nature shots. We know you'll enjoy this book as much as we have.
by Art Wolfe (Photographer), Craig Childs, Gavriele Jecan. Hardcover.
by Art Wolfe (Photographer), Craig Childs, Gavriele Jecan. Paperback.
by David Muench. Hardcover.

Colorado: Yesterday and Today
by Joseph Collier, Grant Collier. Hardcover.

Colorado (Photographic Tour Series)
by Ted Landphair, Carol M. Highsmith (Photographer). Hardcover.
Colorado (Pictorial Souvenir)
by Ted Landphair, et al. Hardcover.
Belonging to the West : Photographs of Colorado (Creating the North American Landscape)
by Eric Paddock. Hardcover.
Belonging to the West (Creating the North American Landscape)
by Eric Paddock. Paperback.
Notes for Friends : Along Colorado Roads
by Robert Adams. Paperback.
Rocky Mountains: Wilderness Reflections
by Tim Fitzharris. Paperback.

Phenomenal photos of the entire range of the Rockies, including Colorado. Crisp landscapes and wildlife close-ups tickle the eyes.
Listening to the River : Seasons in the American West
by Robert Adams(Photographer). Hardcover.
Colorado : Magnificent Wilderness
by John Ward. Hardcover.
Aspen in Color
by Warren Ohlrich. Hardcover.
by Steve Tohari(Preface). Paperback.
Someday in a Place Out West
by Jon Sheppard, et al. Hardcover.
Colorado (America Series)
Colorado Close-Up
by J. C. Leacock, et al. Paperback.
Mountains of Colorado
by Eric Wunrow(Photographer), Richard D. Lamm. Hardcover.
San Juan Skyway : A Colorado Driving Adventure
by Scott S. Warren(Photographer). Paperback.
Colorado on My Mind (America on My Mind Series)
by Tom Till(Photographer), Larry Ulrich (Photographer). Hardcover.
Colorado: A Book of 30 Postcards
by David Muench(Photographer). Paperback.

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