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Paddler in the Sunset

Bingham Lake is just down the road from us. One night, we looked at the sky and just knew it was going to be a good sunset. So we zipped down there to see this unfolding before our eyes. The photo was a finalist in the USA Today "Trip of a Lifetime" contest. It also won the honors for the day at Steve's Digicams and Cocoa.de on September 5, 2000.

Bear Lake After a Storm

A severe storm moved through Rocky Mountain National Park on this evening. We decided to wait it out and then were glad we did! Hallett Peak is silhouetted in the background. This image was the photo of the day for September 3, 2000 on Cocoa.de.

Summit Lake in Summer

The wildflowers and reflections drew me to this photo, which won photo of the day for August 11, 2000 on Cocoa.de, and for August 4, 2000 on Digitale Fotographie, as well as at Digital Photography World. Summit Lake is a glacial lake surrounded by the cirque of mountains, on the flank of Mt. Evans.

 Frenzied in the Fountain

A computerized fountain in Denver's City Park is not only refreshing, but also a great photo op! Excitement builds as the fountain goes faster and faster, drenching the participants. The photo was the Pic of the Day at Photohighway on August 9, 2000. It also was the second runner up in the Ofoto "A Thousand Words" Summer Photo Contest.

 Summit Lake Up Close and Personal

I could return to this lake on Mt. Evans over and over. A polarizer was used on this shot, to reveal the rocks below the surface. It won photo of the day honors on Digital Photography World on August 6, 2000.

 King of the Mountain

We had specifically been hoping to see a mountain goat, when this one appeared next to Summit Lake on Mt. Evans. He (a billy goat) posed for the longest time, first turning his head one way, and then another. Finally, he stuck out his paw for this portrait, which won photo of the day on July 13, 2000 on Digitale Fotographie, as well as on Steve's Digicams on July 8, 2000.


While hiking through Roxborough State Park, I found this Weidemeyer's Admiral butterfly (Limenitis weidemeyrii) on a scrub oak. It won photo of the day for June 19, 2000 on Cocoa.de.

Whitewater Canoeing

The narrow-gauge railway between Durango and Silverton affords views beyond belief. This was a serendipitous shot from the train that resulted in the motion effect of the leaves as well as that of the canoe and the water. They are canoeing on the Animas River below us, which was quite high that spring. This was the photo of the day in the action/journalism category on Digital Photo Contest on June 16, 2000.


This irrestible fellow is the friend of my nephew. I asked him how he got so cute, and he broke out in this toothless smile. It appeared as the photo of the day on Cocoa.de for May 26, 2000.

Abandoned Beneath a Dramatic Sky

A splendid photographic subject found alongside a country road in Colorado. This image was the photo of the day on Digital Photography World on February 11, 2000 and on Digitale Fotographie on February 23, 2000.

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